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Kapetanios| anything from underwear to clothes

Η εταιρία Franchising χονδρική πώληση τελευταία νέα

Kapetanios main office

I. KAPETANIOS A.E.B.E. was founded on 1990 and is the continuance of the first store KAPETANIOS that began its operation on 1977.

The company is cited at a private premise of 30.000 sq. meters, 4.500 sq. meters of which consist the modern building premises for the offices and central warehouses.


Your professional dreams at the gold chain of Kapetanios franchising stores.

We offer you: We ask for:
Experience, Know-how Central Selling Locations
Training Low Available Capital
Functional organization Mood for personal work
High Status & Fame


The Kapetanios Company is looking for reliable partners also at the market of wholesales.
Always expecting to create durable business relations with our customers, we offer one stable advantage over the competition giving as possible best relationship of price-quality.
We afford big variety of products in very good prices all the year. Contact us for more information.

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